How to Dress for Fall When it Doesn't Feel Like Fall

It happens every single year. I get so excited for fall - the decor, the pumpkin carving, the Halloween parties, the new season's fashion trends - that I forget it will still be eighty degrees outside for a good little while.

Sometimes, we get these glorious cool fronts to come through, but then the next week the temperature is back up again. Then sometimes we get those days when it's chilly in the morning and hot by lunch time. What's a girl to do?

In the south, we have to be creative with our fashion choices. There are plenty of ways to dress for fall without burning up and sweating off all your make-up in the process. Here's a post dedicated to all my Southern girls. Five ways to dress for fall when it doesn't actually feel like fall!

1. Play with Color - One of the easiest ways to bring on the fall feels is to wear fall inspired colors and prints. I personally love saturated hues of mustard yellow, burgundy, and emerald green. Leopard print is another one of my faves and is definitely a staple this fall. This way, you can wear lighter fabrics and breezy pieces, but still feel fall appropriate. Another way to utilize fall colors is by changing up your nail color! Make the switch from pastels and nudes to deep berries and jewel tones. Easy as that!
Nail polish colors I'm loving lately: Mr. O'Leary's BBQ by OPI, CIA=Color is Awesome by OPI, With the Band by Essie

2. Switch out Your Shoes - This is an easy, subtle way to bring some fall into your look. Simply swap your sandals for mules or flats, and replace your wedges with ankle boots or peep toe booties. No need to break out your OTK boots just yet, but small changes can make a big impact! (Post on my favorite fall shoes is coming soon!)

3. Accessorize Wisely - Accessories are a great way to give your outfit a fall vibe, but be mindful about how you accessorize - we want to dress for the weather we have, not the weather we want. Silk scarves or bandanas are a great option to stay cool while being seasonal and on-trend  (love these). Hats are also a good choice - one of my go-tos! Floppy hats and fiddler hats are two of my current favorites. Lastly, accessorize with layers. For days when it's cold in the morning and hot by noon, opt for cardigans, lightweight jackets, vests, and blanket scarves.
Pieces I'm loving lately: Floppy hat | Maroon lightweight jacket | Fiddler hat | Longline sweater vest

4. Choose Arms or Legs - A super helpful tip when getting dressed this fall is to strategically choose which parts of your body you're okay with covering up and which you want to keep cool. My mantra is usually to pick arms or legs. If I want to showcase a new sweater I just got, I'll balance it with a mini skirt or denim shorts. If I want to wear jeans, I'll pair them with a tank or lightweight fabric on top.

5. Know Your Fabrics - Fall fabric choices tend to be thicker and more substantial than those of summer, of course, but making the switch from lightweight summer fabrics doesn't have to mean wearing thick, heavy pieces just yet. Classic fall textiles like suede, velvet, and corduroy can be worked into your wardrobe in the form of breezy garments like tanks, mini dresses, and skirts.
Pieces I'm loving lately: Corduroy mini skirt | Suede dress | Velvet evening dress | Velvet ruffle tank

 What's your favorite fall trend to incorporate when it doesn't quite feel  like fall yet? Hopefully this gave you some more ideas! Have a great week!


  1. Love you style hun, and I feel you! I pulled out my fave ankle boots and I'm definitely living in them �� bye bye sandals! See you next year!

  2. "Choose arms or legs" - I always go by this rule! Living in California, we don't get "fall" weather until November... And even then, it only lasts less than one month! I love all of your tips (and outfit).



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