How to Wear a Flannel This Holiday Season

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could get more wear out of an item of clothing? I love my flannels for fall and winter, but don't want to wear the same outfit four days a week.

Today, I want to give you guys some inspiration for pairing this cute holiday staple with a few different looks! There are a ton of ways to wear a flannel shirt like this, these are just a few of my favorites with pieces in my closet. You probably have a lot of these items in your closet too!

I'm always on the hunt for easy outfit ideas to get together with friends during the holidays, and I think a red flannel like this is festive while still being comfy and understated. Recreate one of these looks or use this as a starting point to create a different look!

Make it fun and trendy with a cute hat, black denim, and booties.

Make it girly and edgy with a mini skirt and over the knee boots.

Make it classic and preppy with jeans and taupe knee-high boots.

Make it casual and modern with a striped tea and faux leather leggings.


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